Veebit’s unique, data-powered Value Profiling Platform™ delivers a layer of human-centered business intelligence never before possible — for a world where people, brands and causes are all truly working together at last.

Featured Project: Lifecycle Stories and Everyday Decision Making

Veebit is collaborating with subject matter experts to create a series of specially designed stories highlighting the decisions made over the course of the life cycles of common products across various sectors including food, fashion and energy. Read more…
Humanizing Big Data™

Our team employs sophisticated evaluation tools to quantify the attitudes and beliefs of individuals and communities, map them to observed behaviors, and build communication exercises that generate ongoing engagement. The result is a vibrant organizational culture that gives customers a voice and provides leaders with a new level of relationship intelligence.

Veebit is continually exploring new applications for the Veebit Value Profiling™ methodology and platform tools.

We work in collaboration with educational and research partners as well as corporations and non-profits seeking new and better ways to address a range of specific, real world needs.

Digital lifestyle tools to explore and prioritize personal values in the context of environmental and social topics and interact with friends and family around shared goals. Sign up for launch updates
Discipline specific inquiries powered by psychometric modeling to learn more about the variables that impact individual and group decision making. Learn more…
Stakeholder communication strategies and engagement tools for companies and non-profits, related to industry, product or project-specific digital campaigns. Learn more…