Veebit is now offering select gamers early access to the revolutionary veebitSPORT analytics platform.

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The veebitSPORT platform is dedicated to honing the Mental Game of high performance athletes.

As an early adopter, you will receive access to new technology we are developing specifically for gamers, including training modules, team-optimization tools and personalized performance analytics.


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About this Project


Veebit is a US-based research and analytics company that leverages the power of psychometrics and data science to redefine human performance in the world’s most demanding environments.


Psychometrics is a scientific discipline that measures unobservable human traits. Unlike other human features such as height or weight, we cannot measure traits such as intelligence, personality, or mental capacities and processes directly. As these traits are unobservable, or latent, there is a need for formal theories and methods to study, quantify and assign numbers to their characteristics so as to effectively measure them.


veebitSPORT asks you to answer a series of questions. Our psychometricians analyze your answers across 7 measurement scales and return your results in the a report containing your individual type, trait descriptions and scoring data.  We will also send you trend analysis so that you can see how your individual results compare to your peers.


veebitSPORT will reveal scientific insights about your mental traits that you can use to better understand your natural tendencies, how to interact with others to achieve the best results, and improve your performance at a variety of endeavors, such as esports! As an early adopter of veebitSPORT, you will also receive early access to additional tools we are designing specifically for gamers, including training modules and performance recommendations.


Yes, your test results and personal data is returned ONLY to you in an individual email report. Veebit completely anonymizes each participant’s data before it is shared with other participants, coaches or administrators. Veebit has no political nor government affiliations, nor will we access your social media data or other personal information other than what you directly provide through participation in the quizzes. At no time will Veebit distribute your identity or individual data to other organizations, companies, agencies or governments without your explicit permission.  You can read more about our privacy policy here.

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If you are interested in having your esports class, team, academy or league join the study and get customized psychometric results reports for your athletes, please contact us.