Join us as we conduct research, incubate new ideas and build technology that contributes to the greater good.

Effective values-based decision-making is key to survival and success, in everything from recruiting to investing to cultivating leadership. With Veebit’s world-class team, unexcelled research methodology, and a growing technology platform, we’re creating tools that help organizations and individuals understand values to revolutionize the decision-making process.

Millennial Leadership Initiative

Veebit Labs’ first-of-its-kind research initiative has partnered with Georgetown University to quantify the values of the next generation of leaders. We’re discovering how attitudes and beliefs around politics, commerce, and society shape millennials’ approaches to leadership.

Take the quizzes now:

Using the science of psychometrics, the Veebit insights engine behind these quizzes measure personality and cultural traits that affect a wide range of our individual behavior and decision-making.

  1. Personality & Culture

    Explore the core traits that define how you situate yourself in the world.

  2. Power & Perception

    Explore your perception of yourself and others, and the role of authority figures.

  3. Environment & Society

    Explore your views on the economy and industry, and related social and environmental impacts.

Product Life-Cycle Stories

How do values influence your purchasing and investing decisions—and the planet? We’re setting out to write biographies of seemingly mundane things that we grab at the supermarket or put into a gas tank. You’d be surprised at how much meaning there is in the everyday. Here’s a sneak peak of The Story of the Bold Tomato!

“We rarely contemplate the tomato’s magnificent contributions to society. Red-faced and a bit squishy, he never complains about his lowly status. Though he is technically a fruit, he’s never been invited to a single fruit salad. Begrudgingly accepted among vegetables, he’s more character actor than leading man.”