The Millennial Leadership Initiative


As predictors of near-future societal and economic impact, no group is of more interest than the Millennial generation. Whether the focus is on workforce behavior, personal identity, or spending habits, researchers from Pew to Oxford have spent the last decade working to craft a unified portrait of how this generation thinks and feels.

Confounding these efforts have been Millennials themselves. Study after study reveals contradictions and complexities that feed an endless cycle of thought-pieces and debates, while offering little more than speculation as to “why” these conflicting traits surface, or what their intersections say about the largest and most diverse demographic today.

Rather than indicating a mass identity crisis, Veebit sees an opportunity to employ more powerful research methodologies to take an approach that considers the complex relationship between attitudes, values, beliefs and outward behaviors. The Millennial Leadership Initiative (MLI) is being conceived and organized by Millennials themselves and in that sense alone it is somewhat unique.


Veebit Value Profiles are designed to embrace complexity, revealing unexpected commonalities and opportunities for real world dialog and debate. With our new web app launching early next year, participants will be offered the opportunity to create their personal value profile and to discover their own Personality and ESG types.

The Veebit Personality Module helps you to explore the personality and cultural traits that account for the particular way you tend to situate yourself in the world.
The Veebit ESG Module helps you to explore core beliefs you currently hold relating to the economy, industry, society, the environment and the role of government.



veebit_tomato_4_1-2MLI participants will also be invited to explore Lifecycle Stories through the app. These written to highlight the decisions and decision-makers behind the production of every-day consumables like tomatoes, blue jeans and gasoline. Participants will answer questions about their point of view and be presented with their results along the same ESG scales used in their Value Profiles.


We are currently recruiting organizational cohorts of different types to participate in the MLI. Individuals will be able to compare their Value Profiles to friends, family as well as to members of the various communities to which they belong. The pilot phase will conclude with a student-driven colloquium to discuss the results of the Initiative thus far and plan for expansion nationally.

The Veebit MLI is launching soon!

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Sarah Vazquez is a Research Fellow for the Veebit Millennial Leadership Initiative. She is responsible for the project’s conception and coordination of participating pilot cohorts. She is a 2013 graduate of Georgetown University and has a professional background in education, community organizing and multimedia.