Veebit Joins Global Incubator 1776

We are thrilled to announce that Veebit has been accepted into 1776, a global incubator and seed fund that helps engineer the success of the world’s most promising startups tackling important challenges in areas like education, health, energy & sustainability, and transportation & smart cities.

1776 is a special place.  Its Washington DC location leverages proprietary connections, insights, and tools that can be used to drive massive scale revenue growth. Additionally, 1776 has forged partnerships with leading startup incubators in the world’s most dense startup communities—known as the Startup Federation—and taps into those relationships to build density globally, and operate an ecosystem that transcends geographic boundaries.

We have relocated our leadership team to 1776’s offices and are well positioned to capitalize on a worldwide network of innovators, investors and mentors to support our product development plans as we explore new environments in which to deploy the Veebit human-centered analytics platform.
Stay tuned!